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Lophitis Business Center

The splendour and speciousness of Lophitis Business Center I in its prime sea front location on Limassol Golden Business Mile makes this the ideal building to locate the Cyprus headquarters of your business.

Located on the seafront road (28th October Avenue) near the Catholic church, this building is the most prestigious and sought Business Center in Limassol. Sea views from every floor are spectacular, providing an uninterrupted panorama that stretches from the ancient city of Amathusia over the Mediterranean sea of Limassol's new port.

Architecturally and structurally the design of the Lophitis Business Center I is second to none. It fully complies with all European building codes and regulations and conforms to advanced aseimic standards.

Climate control, throughout the building ensures a comfortable and productive working environment all year round. Highly efficient electrical and communication installations sufficient to meet modern business requirements have been installed.

Lophitis Business Center I offers:
» Fiber optic wire connection.
» 600 Isdn lines.
» Up to 300 private and secure parking places.
» Main entrance reception.
» 24/7 Access.
» Up to 300 secure, covered parking spaces.
» 24/7 assistance.
» Building management.

Floor Office number Size Availability
Gr floor 2/3 -
Gr floor 4 240sqm
Mz floor 2/3 -
Mz floor 4 -
Mz floor 5 -
Mz floor 6 -
1st floor 1 -
1st floor 2 306sqm
1st floor 3/4 -
2nd floor 2 -
2nd floor 1/3/4 -
3rd floor 2 -
3rd floor 3 -
3rd floor 1/4 -
4th floor 1 -
4th floor 2/3 -
4th floor 4 -
5th floor 1 -
5th floor 2 -
5th floor 3/4 -
6th floor 1 -
6th floor 2 -
6th floor 3/4 -
7th floor 1/4 -
7th floor 2/3 -

Lophitis Group

Address: 7B Zinas Kanther
3035 Limassol

Tel: +357 25871268
Fax: +357 25344655


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